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The Voice's Cassadee Pope promotes her new CD at Target

If you know that I haven't watched "American Idol" since the second season, you can be damn certain that I haven't watched a single episode of "The Voice," NBC's competing find-a-new-singer reality show with celebrity musician judges such as Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. While it's great to look up images of Levine in the buff (yes, I like his body if not his music), I doubt that the show...
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Hot mama! Jewel brings out her gems to the Vanity Fair and NBC 2013 fall launch party

It's been two years since 39-year old songstress Jewel Kilcher birthed her son Kase Townes Murray (father is Ty Murray, one-time "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and famous rodeo/bull rider) but she might have joined the Salma Hayek club of breast-feeding. Famously, Hayek extolled the benefits of breast milk being beneficial to her daughter and was even more...
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The hot version of Christina Aguilera spreads out in Maxim

Christina Aguilera is in Maxim this month, showing off that slimmed down figure. Is it a coincidence that she's returned to her former state of hotness just before the next season of The Voice comes on? No, probably not. Christina let herself go after the steam had run out on her music career, not anticipating the possibility that she might be on TV deciding on the potential for other people...
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The hot version of Christina Aguilera has returned

I can't rightfully bitch about Christina Aguilera's extended flirtation with fatness. I've never had to deal with the life of a high profile celebrity known far and wide for the sex appeal inherent in their body. The demands placed on a person as they try to maintain that sort of thing have got to be a literal pain in the ass after awhile. Eventually it must occur to a person how much of...
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Christina Milian escorts her buddies to the Miss USA pageant

Show of hands: who watched the 2013 Miss USA pageant last night? Okay, now out of those people, who actually continued watching after the "Miss Photogenic USA" portion? Hello? Where'd you guys go? Let's face it, no matter what kind of charity work they do, or what disease they're planning on curing, none of that is as important as how good they look in a bikini. The...
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