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Kunis, Weisz and Williams are three fine ass witches

Mila Kunis , Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams , stars of the new OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL are in the pages of Instyle this month, looking fantastic of course. So what do you think about this movie? I'm sure the 3 of these ladies will do their best with it, as they usually do. Still, I get a sacrilege feeling from it. Isn't THE WIZARD OF OZ one of those untouchables? Even Ted Turner knew...
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Classic Hotties: Judy Garland

Perhaps one of, if not the most celebrated entertainer of the last 100 years, Judy Garland was loved by audiences and fans almost from the beginning. She was a favorite among many in her field and is thought of by many to have been one of the best pure entertainers in the history of show business. Yet, despite years of acclaim and showers of love, Judy's life was a portrait of tragedy...
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