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Emilia Clake emulates Lily Collins' eyebrows in Flare magazine

April can't come fast enough for "Game of Thrones" fans, so it's a good thing that magazines project their dates out a month in advance, what with this April 2014 issue of Canada's Flare magazine featuring Emilia Clarke on its cover. Then again, as evidenced by half the posts this week, it seems as if Clarke is being featured in EVERY magazine on newsstands this...

Emilia Clarke does not look good in this photoshoot for Vs magazine

Normally, I really like me some Emilia Clarke . I even prefer her with her natural brunette hair and more severe look that doesn't come from being a pale dragon queen on "Game of Thrones." But what the f*ck were the people behind Vs magazine thinking when they decided that having Clarke go one millimeter away from being a unibrowed model was a good idea? I suppose I...

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