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Let's celebrate Emma Watson's 24th with 24 sexy pictures, shall we?

We all knew her as bookworm Hermione from the Harry Potter films, but when she hit that wonderful, ripe age of eighteen, it seemed like we all knew her as something else entirely: totally and ridiculously hot. Of course, I'm speaking of Ms. Watson, who turns the pretty standard and boring age of 24. I only say standard and boring because I'm 24, too, so I'll just boringly go on...

Emma Watson is a sexy, redhead cowgirl for Elle

I've made various attempts to get on board the Emma Watson fanboy train in years past. There was simply no way I was ever going to do it through HARRY POTTER. Me and those movies just don't connect. Then she lopped off most of her hair, making her akin to a middle school boy, which didn't help. I think if Emma and I are to have any hope of connecting it's going to be through magazine spreads...

Charisma Carpenter shows off her end at the premiere of This Is The End

Charisma Carpenter should pop up on this site more often, being the "Buffy", "Angel" and "Veronica Mars" alumni she is. She also looks incredibly fine from behind, which is why it's so perfect that she'd be attending the premiere of THIS IS THE END . Why did they pop up on the web a few days late?Who knows? Who cares? All I know is Charisma is 42-years-old and really needs to squeeze that...

Emma Watson continues to cast her spell at the Bling Ring premiere

It was nice to see Emma Watson laughing and having a good time at the premiere of THIS IS THE END yesterday . Now she's back to melt our eyeballs with hottie wizardry once again at the premiere of her other film, THE BLING RING . Emma doesn't look quite as thrilled this time around, but then again, she's not surrounded by a bunch of Hollywood's most lovable stoners, so she may just be...

Emma Watson woos us with her wondrous winsomeness in W

It seems like just yesterday I was making a big deal out of how damned sexy Emma Watson was looking while leaving the airport. Actually, it was just two days ago . Little did I know she would be looking like some '50's crime noir babe in W magazine a couple days later. The point of my little "airport" rant was to substantiate how it's nearly impossible for Emma to look bad. I certainly...

This is how Emma Watson prepares for flight

Uhm, can I get a seat next to Emma Watson on her next flight, please? I mean, sweet mother of Dobby, if this is how she dresses on a flight, you'd better make sure the pilot doesn't get distracted. It's too bad Emma probably has no interest in joining the Mile High Club, because she's certainly dressed for the occasion. Not only do these pics display Emma's accelerating hotness, but they...

Seeing Kristen Bell & Martin Starr at Sundance makes me miss Freaks & Veronica even more

By now, I'm sure you've all lamented Kristen Bell and her knocked uppedness (I figured out that Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant as well... seems there are a lot of oven-baking buns in Sundance right now between Bell, Wood and Malin Akerman from the preggo roll call I've done thus far). Thing is, I can't look at Martin Starr without thinking back to the time that he was Bill on "Freaks &...

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