Jaimie Alexander's new Blindspot promos show off her extensive fake tats

Blindspot fans will soon enough be able to enjoy season 2 of Jaimie Alexander's tatted whodunit early next year. I'm such a snob, I couldn't stay with it for season 1. Network TV bothers me. Even when they do manage to put up something halfway decent, I can't help but be aware of how much better these shows might be, were they on one of the cable networks where much more interesting TV...
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Jaimie Alexander has good trigger discipline, needs to watch her blindspots

Jaimie Alexander tweeted the other day about how she broke her nose while filming new episodes for her tattooed mystery thriller Blindspot . Broke my nose today during a fight scene. Somehow I feel that makes me cooler 👊🏻😎😂 #BLINDSPOT ⚔ — Jaimie Alexander (@JaimieAlexander) August 22, 2016 I gotta say, that's the...
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Jaimie Alexander sparkled and sizzled in her sexy SDCC dresses

It always seems like everyone from pretty much every kind of entertainment medium is promoting their stuff throughout the various days of SDCC. Other than the crowds of cosplayers and fan boys geeking out over their favorite whatever, the second biggest crowd consists of celebs who represent or sometimes even embody the characters so many love. Among the throngs of beloved hotties on hand for...
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It's great how upfront Jaimie Alexander has been lately

I get the intent of these Upfront things the networks are in the midst of right now. They want to introduce people to the new shows they got coming out over the summer and after. It's their way of gathering people who matter and forcing them to look at their new shit, rather than standing by and watching them do as the rest of us do, namely futz around on Netflix. What I don't get is why they...
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Jaimie Alexander's hotness brings a smile to us all

Jaimie Alexander got herself looking super hot in a low cut dress for Operation Smile, which helps repair cleft palates for kids in developing countries. It's a situation a famous Hollywood actress couldn't be farther from in life, but it's nice of her to support the effort with her perfect smile - a smile which makes her look something like the Dear Leader of the Operation Smile movement....
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Face Off: Krysten Ritter vs. Jaimie Alexander

Most people seemed to hope Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow would, if not defeat Elizabeth Olsen and her Scarlet Witch character, at least be the hotter of the two. Little did we know of a 3rd option, namely the two of them being relatively minor elements in the whole scheme of things in CIVIL WAR. That's one way to go. Wouldn't have been my way, had I any say in it, but whatever....
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A little bird told me Jaimie Alexander was looking pretty red hot

Things are going pretty damn well for Jaimie Alexander right now. She's got a hit show on NBC (one of the few they can brag on nowadays), she's looking good in magazine spreads, has the new THOR movie coming up soon, hopefully this time with a little more to do in it. Things are starting to happen for Jaimie. I couldn't be happier for her. I've spent years advocating for...
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Jaimie Alexander is fine in Shape

I wasn't aware Jaimie Alexander has been taking her tough woman thing to heart for so long. We've seen her as the immortal ass kicker Lady Sif in the THOR movies, and most recently as the forgetful mystery woman with an itchy trigger finger on the NBC show Blindspot . It seems those roles were a natural progression from her time spent on the wrestling team in high school. That's pretty...
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Kat Dennings shows off her 2 big girls as a French maid

It's possible that Kat Dennings is the only woman in the history of television who's tits are the sole means by which a show is kept afloat. 2 Broke Girls has been on for almost 5 years, if you can believe that. Despite the fact that it's one of the most unfunny shows ever made. Actually, it's probably a combination of huge tits and CBS not wanting to invest in something new to fill...
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Jaimie Alexander is fine for The Wrap

This was yet another instance where Marvel hit the casting bull's-eye. If anyone can pull off the fierce regal thing it's the statuesque Jaimie Alexander . I still don't understand how the mighty Thor – son of Oden – could take Jane over Sif. It always begged the question why would Thor pine over a mere mortal when he could be making thunderclaping...
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Jaimie Alexander wows 'em at the TCA panels with her low cut white number

It's always a treat when Jaimie Alexander plays her sexy card, like she was doing at the TCA panels for her show Blindspot . That's the one where in the course of events her character finds herself tattooed from head to toe and naked in a duffel bag in Times Square. A helluva way to introduce a character. The rest of the show seems to be the usual crime/cop show, with the...
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Jaimie Alexander was all smiles during her time on The Brink

I don't know what to make of this new HBO series The Brink . Seems like a modern day take on DR. STRANGELOVE with it's aim of mining the comedy gold in impending global Armageddon. I'm not sure anyone has the skills to make that as funny as Kubrick did at the height of The Cold War. At the very least it's got Jaimie Alexander in it, in at least one episode anyway. This is a show with a...
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