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Peyton List is tight in leather on the Vancouver set of Tomorrow People

Just a quick FYI - since I didn't know much about this Peyton List person who is currently one of the stars of the American reboot of the British series "The Tomorrow People" - I looked her up. For as slightly unusual of a name that Peyton List is, apparently there are a couple of them in the acting business and the stunning brunette with the blue eyes in the pictures here is NOT the blonde...
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Miley Cyrus looks glam then punk at VH1 Divas concert

OK, here's where I open the floor to those of you who "hate" short hair on women. Please, do explain how Miley Cyrus and her taut little hipster tummy look lesbionic or ugly or whatever other tired description has been used. Explain, in no fewer than 250 words (what, you thought your winter finals were over?) as to the social implications of a singer worth millions of dollars suddenly becomes...
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