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Salma Hayek should trademark the term sweater puppies

I feel as if we need to address the people bitching about Salma Hayek's boobs looking bigger lately and their whining about her supposedly stuffing her chest with implants. Salma has always had big boobs, for her entire career. She's had a kid. She's older and body fat tends to build up (since she doesn't strike me as the type to go obsessive and start getting all yoga & Pilates on us)....

Sofia Vergara gets her ass back to work on the set of Modern Family

I truly adore the show "Modern Family," to the point that I can't stand to tune into it when it's airing whatever season is current. I typically wait until the season has been released on DVD and then buy it and have a 2-3 day fest where I watch all of the episodes. It's similar to how many of us (don't lie, you know you're one of us) will blast through an entire box of sugary cereal because,...

Day 3 on set with Kelly Brook serves up more of her in that tight pink sweater

The quality Kelly Brook moments just keep coming from the set of her movie TAKING STOCK. Today we're getting some more shots of her in this sexy little pink sweater and tight skirt. Very nice that is, though it didn't register with me at first that this movie is supposed to be a BONNIE & CLYDE homage and Kelly just happens to be wearing a similar outfit to those Faye Dunaway wore in that...


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