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Hot or Not: Tilda Swinton

Y'all are not big fans of La La Anthony, judging by the responses from last week's Hot or Not, although it appears that those opinions didn't deter anyone from going to see THINK LIKE A MAN TOO, which debuted at the top of the box office for the weekend. Not that it's going to matter with the latest Michael Bay movie getting dropped on us this week. Because I can't bear to submit you...
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Jessica Biel shows off her white-bound beauty and booty

Jessica Biel is a ridiculously beautiful woman and I think she knows it. As seen here, it's like she knows the perfect and amazing gifts on her body and like the loving and generous person she seems to be, just gives everyone a peek at it all. Here's Jessica at the Museum of Modern Art 2013 Film Benefit/Tribute To Tilda Swinton (huh). I'd like to say I would go to this kind of an event on...
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Tilda Swinton celebrates the life & brilliance of Roger Ebert with a conga-line dance at Ebertfest

Last Saturday, fittingly enough on 4/20, a wondrous, joyful thing happened in our little spaces in life during a time when things were feeling pretty damn shitty. Actress Tilda Swinton showed up to the MoMa for Ebertfest, a celebration of the life and excellence that our most recently dearly departed Roger Ebert left us to wallow on in our cinephile lives without. Tilda, often too easily...
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