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Leo may have won the gold but Kate Winslet won the red carpet

I think the main thing that bugs me about the Oscars is that no matter how good you are, a group of people vote to decide to give you an award based on whether or not you've earned it over the course of your career. Sure, no one saw that Rylance win coming and Brie Larson has been doing bang up work for a number of years without anyone noticing until she really, truly deserved to win on...
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Kate Winslet was in great shape at this year's TIFF

I've always counted Kate Winslet's round body type as one of her many positive attributes. I could never picture her as some bony thing. That said, when she squeezed in that 3rd kid with her 3rd husband a couple years back, it did worry me a bit. She ballooned up pretty big there for a while after that one. But it seems the Oscar-winner and personal favorite of mine has returned to fine...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Chicks in Disaster Flicks

The epic orgy of mass destruction otherwise known as SAN ANDREAS opens in theaters today, starring the stunning Alexandra Daddario . Hotties trying to survive terrible disasters is well covered territory in movies. Our good buddy Jason Dean has 6 such ladies lined up for you to get hot for, even as all hell breaks loose around them. See which fine ass babes last long enough to see dawn...
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Kate Winslet was on the verge of going into labor at the Labor Day premiere

Kate Winslet was at the premiere of her new movie LABOR DAY, looking like she was about ready to pop. Damn, Kate. Are you having quadruplets or something? There's like a small village growing inside her abdomen right now. Good thing she's concurrently growing enough food to feed her imminent brood with those massive mommy boobs. It's impressive and rather scary how everything just balloons...
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Face Off: Rachel Weisz vs. Kate Winslet

In the Battle of the Sci-fi Babes , you guys decided Tricia Helfer was the better beauty by a few votes over Jeri Ryan . I agree that was a tough one. They're both such sacred sci-fi cows, it's an excruciating job for any sci-fi fan to have to choose between them. Here's another potentially difficult choice to make. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for the English hotties....
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Catalina Londono pays tribute to some of our favorite movies… topless

Well, this should be a fun little treat for movie buffs and fans of boobs alike. SoHo magazine has put together an awe-inspiring collection of images paying tribute to some of Hollywood's landmark movies. The best part: each of them feature a model named Catalina Londono in all her naked glory. Well, not all of it, but you know what I mean. They call it their "Topless...
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Kate Winslet is classy hot in black & white

Kate Winslet is the personification of refinement in her latest spread for Haper's Bazaar. My number one crush for coming up on two decades now and she still looks amazing. Like many folks who love Kate, you probably became truly invested in her hottie charms thanks to that modest indie flick about that boat in the ocean that hit a rock or something. What the hell was that called? Gigantic?...
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