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Carmen Electra brings back the Baywatch one piece for Halloween

Looks like all the morning shows were in the full on Halloween mode today, as are most people this year. Interesting how much of a build up there is to Halloween now. People just can't wait to get those costumes on. Take, for instance, Kelly Ripa and her footballer co-host doing an ill-advised Miley Cyrus impersonation on Live with Kelly & Michael: That's just an unfortunate...

Seriously, do any of you consider Kate Gosselin to be hot?

I understand some of you might be not as pleased with a non-"real"-celebrity being featured on the site called MovieHotties but I've got to know: What is the deal with Kate Gosselin ? I didn't catch on to whatever this chick's business was until the whole thing was falling down in a shambles (perhaps around the time she was featured on "Dancing with the Stars" since I end up seeing a lot of...

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