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Hot or Not: Charlotte Riley

Last week the three of you who responded to Elizabeth Debicki's column were fairly positive about her, although it seems those who went out of their way to see MACBETH were more fanatical. The film pulled in a hefty $13K+ per theater (it opened in only 5) and has managed a strong 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. I'd be scared to not like the lady featured this week, considering that she's one...
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A shock to no one, Charlize Theron looks perfect on Mad Max red carpet

It's awesomely funny to me to see the Amazon goddess that is Charlize Theron stand next to her fiancee Sean Penn and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD co-star, Tom Hardy and realize just how much taller she is than those fellas. I wouldn't go so far as to consider Penn an intimidating presence, never saw him as a big dude even when he's been a blustering hothead, but frankly, I forget often just how short...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Stacey Dash

I love Stacey Dash. I mean LOVE her. To this day she's one of my all time favorite Hollywood hotties. Everything about here is just so sexy. Now I can honestly sit here and talk about how sexy Stacey Dash is all day. Seriously. But let's move on to today's Hottie Clip of the Day. It obviously features Dash and is some kind of short called "Stacey Dash is Normal - The Dip." I don't...
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Top 10 Sexiest Movie Men of the Year

There's been many a petty complaint of the infrequent times that I've posted articles on the hot men of Hollywood. It seems that most of you are either so obsessed with looking at famous boobies (probably due to the fact that no girl in your real life will let you look at hers) or aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit that dudes are hot too, or just can't forward the link to...
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