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Dakota Johnson shows off her several shades of cuteness

Well, in just a few short days Christian Grey and Ana Steele will be doing the dirty on 30,000 screens across the nation fulfilling at least a few single mothers' Valentine's Day wishes. While I definitely won't be in attendance opening night, I have to say that my curiosity will have to be taken care of sooner or later. I know it's a strange thing to really want to see it, but...

Christina Aguilera shows off her body for Jay Leno

Christina Aguilera has been having a good couple weeks. Not only has she lost all that weight that freaked so many people out, she also got covered on the latest issue of MAXIM   ( which you can see right here ) and is now getting oodles of attention again. Here, we can see the Mrs. flaunting her body over at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and my, my, does she look good. I realize she was...

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