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The Top 15 Best Ass Shots of 2015

The dawn of 2016 is upon. But before we dive right into a year of unfulfilled New Year's resolutions ľ how bout we take one more tour of the booty battlefield? For a mere few moments of your time, you can reflect on some of the best examples of capturing the female ass our global society has to offer. 2015 has been an incredible journey of exploring countless numbers of celebrity crevices....
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The Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beauties of 2015

We do a lot of tongue wagging over the sexy bods of all the various hotties we cover through the year. And rightfully so, what with all the wonderful things they do with those bodies. Sexy physiques notwithstanding, it is important to remember that attached to most of these beautiful bodies is an equally beautiful face. In recognition of that, we present 10 of the most beautiful faces we saw...
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The Top 10 Sexiest Movie Characters of 2015

2015 was a tremendous year for sexy characters in cinema, and not just the ones named Mr. Grey. Of course, every year we assemble a list of the hottest female characters in movies, and this year wasn't easy. Some of them you wouldn't want to pick a fight with, some of them you probably wouldn't get along with much in the real world. From films about disasters (SAN ANDREAS) to films that WERE...
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The Top Ten Memorable Hottie Moments of 2014

Every year brings its own distinct mix of world class hotties doing their sexy thing in movies, on TV, in magazines, or just while out and about with the rest of us plebs. 2014 was no different in that respect, except maybe for the outstanding quantity and quality of these great hottie moments. During a year when everything was turning to shit, these 10 moments were a reminder that good things...
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The Top 15 Best Ass Shots of 2014

2014 was a quite a year for a number of different reasons, both good and bad. Around here it's been a banner year for backsides. The sheer amount of incredible rears being shown off throughout the year makes it difficult to keep track of them all. It's a bundle of booty far too massive for the standard top 10 format. Therefore we present 15 of 2014's Best Ass Shots. Plow into our list and see...
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The Top Ten Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2014

The year has been kind when it comes to hotties in movies, but nothing makes better use of a hottie on the big screen than a great, sexy character for them to play. In 2014, we saw the return of some of our favorite comic book ladies, as well as some fresh new faces. We witnessed the return of some hotties who stepped away from film for awhile, and even saw a popular supermodel take on her...
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The Top Ten Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2014

Each year promises a new influx of sad, stupid, annoying, ridiculous and even criminal turns for the folks in celebrity circles. It can be a strange and sometimes frustrating thing, watching the lives and careers of famous folk go off the rails before a morbidly curious crowd of media onlookers. That's because celebrities almost always do their best to make themselves look good. Yet like any...
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Top 10 Memorable Hottie Moments of 2013

When the year comes to a close, one can't help but feel inspired to look back on the events that have taken place over the past 12 months, what we've gained, and what we've lost. Sadly, in the world of MovieHotties, we've actually lost a fair share in 2013, what with Girls Gone Wild gone bankrupt and the downsizing of Angelina Jolie's boobies . That said, there has been a considerable...
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Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2013!

If you're here, chances are you have a fondness for movies, or perhaps even more so, a fondness for hotties. We like to keep tabs on all sorts of hot actresses and theirápublic appearances, photoshoots, etc., but we rarely ever get to focus on the characters they play in the movies. Who are these characters? They have personalities too, y'know? There were a lot of memorable hottie roles for...
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Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of Summer 2013

Anyone missing summer yet? The first day of autumn rolled in where I live with cold wind, thunder, lightning and fierce rain, stating fairly succinctly that the dog days of summer 2013 were now officially a memory. Perhaps you will miss all the big movies summer brings. Maybe you might long for the warmer temps. Or you could be like me and miss the constant onslaught of the world's hottest...
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