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The Top Ten Most Beautiful Fairy Tale Babes

It's going to end up a huge hit or a massive miss, this INTO THE WOODS , if history on the box office success of past fairy tale themed movies prevails. Over the years the movie makers have gone into the storybooks again and again for material with which to have an excuse to dress up beautiful stars in even more beautiful period costumes. Here are ten of my favorites.

The Top Ten Babes in Musicals

I don't like "Glee." I don't like the 1982 version of ANNIE. I'm pretty much a grump when it comes to musicals in general, aside from a select few that compel me. My grandmother used to sit around sharing those older musical movies with me when I was a kid and sure, I'm a girl, so I've seen GREASE the prerequisite 50 billion times, so I at least like a couple here and there. However, it seems...

The Top Ten Sexiest Rosario Dawson Roles

I've been missing the funnier Chris Rock, a feeling that's getting echoed in Rock's latest movie, TOP FIVE , which the comedian actor took to writing and directing instead of dialing a performance in for. Rock can be a very funny man when he wants to be but he's also a very smart man - he consistently chooses the best co-stars, this time the always charming and beautiful, Rosario Dawson. Which...

The Top Ten Hottest Backpacking Babes

With little getting released over the following weeks save for those films that the studios believe will get Oscar noms, it looks as if we have only a couple of new choices this week, although one includes Reese Witherspoon doing a full frontal nude scene (if rumours are correct). WILD isn't just about a woman on a backpacking adventure, but I don't feel like getting into her personal...

The Top Ten Hottest Jennifer Aniston Roles

Right before you head out to tryptophan the turkey light fantastic, you might want to consider heading out to see HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 . I'm guessing that too much laughter will impair your ability to digest properly. As for the majority of the Jennifer Aniston roles where the actress has been undeniably hot, use them to knock you completely out after your gorge-fest, as well all know they're not...

The Top Ten Babes in Uniform

We've seen Jennifer Lawrence dressed up (and undressed) a number of ways, but now that THE HUNGER GAMES is finally moving into the MOCKINGJAY installment, we're going to see her outfitted in a military resistance uniform designed to turn her from a games winner into a game changer. It got me to thinking about all of the other women who have looked mighty fine in a uniform in movies over the...

The Top Ten Hottest Movie Musicians

In BEYOND THE LIGHTS , we're going to get to see the ugly side to being trumped as the next big fashionable female pop singer and while I would never turn down a hot woman in Lycra singing about her tragically hip romances and girl power issues, I like the girls in the band. So this week, here are 10 of my favorite ladies who have played musicians rather than just "musical artists."

The Top Ten Babes in Space

While everyone else seems so pumped up for INTERSTELLAR , I'm thinking I already got to see an existential space movie starring Matthew McConaughey when it was called CONTACT. If we're going to pretend that really good looking actors can defy gravity, find new life on other planets and such, I'd rather there be some comedy, some action, something other than a head trip. All of which might make...

The Top Ten Mystery Movie Hotties

It'll be a big mystery as to how it did it if BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP manages any big bank at the box office this week. The film looks good enough but rarely do people go screaming out of their homes, decrying that they've just GOT to see the new Nicole Kidman flick. There are a bunch of other hotties from mystery flicks who get a stronger response out of me. Here are but the top ten of them.

The Top Ten Bad Girls of Horror

With the latest PG-13 horror flick, OUIJA screaming into theaters this week and starring Olivia Cooke, that pixie sprite of a chick who's already been cornering the modern day market when it comes to tame horror, I figured it was a good opportunity to take a look at some of the most vicious, gnarliest, wicked female villains of horror. They're make being bad a pretty sexy thing.

The Top Ten Hottest Wartime Babes

There might be something seriously wrong with me. Unless there are other people who see certain movies getting released and hope that they fail miserably at the box office, I might just be a bad person wishing ill on the rich Hollywood people who keep churning out the same crap all the time. There's a lot of positive hype out there for FURY but I can't see past the casting of Shia LeBeouf and...

The Top Ten Sexiest Vampires

DRACULA UNTOLD looks like a steaming pile of shit to me. Then again, most of the movies that try their best to sell the vampire mystique often do. It doesn't help that I'm immune to the supposed charms of Luke Evans, that Welsh lad who seems to be garnering far too much unwarranted love from the female demographic lately. What I'm not immune to, however, are the vampy ladies on this list....

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