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Kendall Jenner is the one good thing to come from the Kardashian travesty

Every new Kim Kardashian spread arrives with fresh diatribes against the entire surviving Kardashian clan. Fair enough. They deserve as much criticism as can be thrown at them and then some. Whenever this ire rises, I feel the need to separate Kendall Jenner from that lot. For one thing, she isn't a Kardashian. Yes, she is part of that whole lot and as such not entirely immune from their...
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Miranda Cosgrove looks tops at the Topshot unveiling at the Grove

Breaking our hearts is the girl from "iCarly" who might not have the cleavage that her blonde co-star has but definitely has the legs to spare. Out here in California, where I'm from, they film that asinine Extra television show with Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez at this chi-chi shopping center called The Grove. It's a great place to visit if you're Demi Moore looking to buy an outfit that...
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