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Is Jennifer Aniston actually, really, truly pregnant? Her dress at the TIFF premiere of Life of Crime suggests it

Frankly, Jennifer Aniston bores me at this point. Funny, since the actress recently was interviewed right after the release of WE'RE THE MILLERS (who would've seen that one coming as a summer movie success? Doesn't her name guarantee a bomb unless attached to Adam Sandler?) explaining that she found the constant rumours of "Is she/Isn't She Pregnant?" were indeed...

Recapping the Hotties at TIFF: Olivia Wilde

Everyone got to go to Canada this week except for me. At least that's what it feels like, as I've spent the past week checking out everyone who had shown up for the festivities at TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival), that little festival threatening to be cooler than Sundance. One of our favorite women, Olivia Wilde was on hand for a number of scheduled events,...

Olivia Wilde is one incredible yellow bird at the TIFF premiere of Third Person

I am so very, very grateful for you Schmoes who scour the internet more intensively than I do, bringing me information such as the fact that Olivia Wilde's original surname was Cockburn. It gives me a little giggle every time that I post about the gorgeous actress, since she's more or less flawless and how many times can one write about her detailed perfection? Olivia was at the premiere...

Emilia Clarke was all smiles at TIFF

Emilia Clarke was at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, doing the red carpet for her new safe cracker movie DOM HEMINGWAY. That's encouraging to see her in something like this, because I worry about Emilia sometimes. I worry because whenever something about her gets posted anywhere, what are the first responses from the viewers/readers? Typically, it's a reference to her...

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