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Reality TV star Kate Wright: She's British, blonde and busty

I love obvious parallels relating to other countries. It's a good way to continually focus on ways we're alike rather than ways were different. Take this walking, talking pair of tits, Kate Wright , as an example. Just like in America, those are the only two fleshy requisites needed to become a television star in the aristocratic land of Great Britain. Their population is just as...

Sam Faiers joins the league of babes not getting topless in Nuts

I am giving up trying to keep track of all the busty babes who keep popping up in the pages of Nuts magazines, especially since the rag is apparently not requiring nudity from them as a prerequisite any longer. At least, that's what appears to be the case when I stumbled upon the January 4th reveal of the periodical, which features former "The Only Way Is Essex" star, Sam Faiers . If the last...

TOWIE girls Jessica Wright and Billie Faiers put their treats into Halloween

Let's see... if you had to pick a couple of big breasted reality show tarts, would you rather go with the duo from "Snooki & J-Woww" or Jessica Wright and Billie Faiers from UK's reality hit, "The Only Way is Essex?" I don't have much experience watching either one of those programs but there's something about those English lasses which conveys that they might be just as ditzy as their US...

The UK J-Woww, TOWIE's Chloe Sims, struts her plastic bits in a pink bikini at Cannes

I had to look up what the hell TOWIE was and I'm still not all that certain that I understand it beyond the fact that it is billed as being of the popular British "reality shows" similar along the lines of the crap that we're inundated with here in the United States. So if any of you are from across the pond, I wouldn't mind if you went into further detail about the show and whatever it is that...


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