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Rihanna spends more time grabbing herself than singing in Sydney

Some call her Princess RiRi, hailing from an alien planet where five-heads are the rage and arriving over 20 minutes late to a sold out concert in Sydney, Australia is forgiven by the raging teenage fans in attendance. I think if she's going to last longer than Miley Cyrus, Rihanna might need to consider going totally full-frontal the next time she takes a stage. The "Tregedy" and whatnot...

Classic Hotties: Veronica Lake

In the long history of Hollywood, there is no sadder story than the tragedy of a career that almost was. Such is the story of Veronica Lake , who for a brief time was a much imitated icon of fashion and a phenomenon of sultry beauty. Though the flame of her fame burned bright, it could not last. The heights of Veronica's rise to Hollywood glory were only shadowed by the startling...

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