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Adriana Lima is going to kick your ass with Amazon Power and you're going to like it

If you're looking for Power and not for Wings, it turns out that there's a new beverage being hawked out of Brazil and they want to trump the Red Bull market with their Amazon Power water. In which way would it best benefit the company to maximize profits? Well, by starting with the faces and bodies of gorgeous women ( this photoshoot with Cintia Dicker is a great example ) and taking...

Whoever Roxanne Pallett is, she's got a lucky trainer

I know I've seen this Roxanne Pallett chick around before, but I can't put my finger on where (I'd like to put my finger on her ... I know, I'm immature). The 30-year-old British actress/singer is mostly known in the UK for starring on the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale". She's appeared on multiple other programs as well as the classic, Nobel Prize-winning...

Hilary Duff starts to get back in shape

It's been awhile since Hilary Duff had her kid and started out on the long road back from all the weight she gained during that time. Only now has she finally begun to resemble her pre-pregnancy self, thanks to workout regimens like these. Wow, too bad we all can't have a muscular hottie bending and contorting us into crazy shapes as a means of weight loss. Though this sort of...

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