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Rachel McAdams is our Hottie of the Month for November 2016 (video)

The air has been thick with tension this week now that Dwayne Johnson has been declared the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine. But instead of dwelling, we figured we'd bring up the mood by knighting the one-and-only, freakin' gorgeous Rachel McAdams as our Hottie of the Month for November 2016! While we're happy she's finally joined the Marvel...
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Comic Book Movie Hotties Tribute Video!

As the  results of the 2016 Summer box office have recently indicated, superheroes in film ain't goin' anywhere. This is hardly shocking news, even if we've seen certain caped crusaders go through a bit of a rough patch this year. Still, superheroes and supervillains taking over the big screen is a dream for the vast majority of movie goers....
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Mila Kunis is our Hottie of the Month for July 2016!

Mila Kunis  has been unscrupulously luring us in with her well-balanced concoction of cuteness and hotness for well over a decade now. A friendly ol' tip of the hat has been long overdue when it comes to acknowledging Mila's contributions as a Movie Hottie, which is why she's out Hottie of the Month for July 2016! While she hasn't been in...
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Paula Patton is our Hottie of the Month for June 2016 (video)

There are no blurred lines when it comes to whether or not the delicious  Paula Patton  is considered a major babe in the MovieHotties community. You can catch her busting out her prosthetic orc-fangs in WARCRAFT next weekend, giving us yet another reason to call her "toothsome". New releases aside, one of the most refeshing things about this hottie is her...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties on Dates!

There's a guilty pleasure that comes with entering the baffling world of date movies, but when it comes to choosing from a sea of film titles on a first date, you can't go wrong with the "horror" genre. Perhaps this is because the act of dating is a nightmare in and of itself, which can be observed in almost every schlocky rom-com. Whether you're...
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Jennifer Lawrence is our Hottie of the Month for May 2016!

The beginning of May is an exciting time to be a movie fan, as it's just the beginning of the summer movie season. You can already smell the popcorn in the air, buckets of which will soon be consumed as we immerse ourselves in the year's most anticipated, enthralling, explosion-filled blockbusters. The transition into a new month is also exciting because we get to gaze and...
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Alison Brie is our Hottie of the Month for April 2016

Our Hottie of the Month for April 2016 is a fan favorite around these parts, the lovely Alison Brie ! No April Fool's, no tricks, no gags (unfortunately). If we've learned anything from the many animated GIFs of the internet, it's that Alison has built up a whole, shall we say, "community" of admirers.  Even those who claim to be on...
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Katharine McPhee's hot ass makes Old Blue Eyes wish he wasn't so dead

Yep, I have to imagine The Chairman of the Board would have been pleased to add Katharine McPhee to his impressive stable of hottie conquests, had she been born 4 or 5 decades earlier. Who wouldn't want to break off a slice off Katharine? Even John Legend there was probably thinking about doing some horse trading and he's got the most exhibitionist wife there ever was waiting at home for...
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Hottie of the Month: Jennifer Love Hewitt (August 2015)

Once again, it's time to pay homage to a woman who has been near and dear to many of our movie-loving hearts for nearly two decades... Jennifer Love Hewitt . Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, we know there are more topical people to pay homage to than the starlet of The Client List , Ghost Whisperer and I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. However, Jennifer has made...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Hotties in Underpants Vol. 2!

You may recall a couple of years back when we introduced you to a video tribute of our favorite Movie Hotties in underpants . Well, after careful review and consideration, we've come to the realization that there's an ongoing list of classic cinematic moments which feature some of our favorite hotties in either bras, panties, on or the other, or at best, neither. Thus, we've...
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Alexandra Daddario is our Hottie of the Month 2015

For years now, Alexandra Daddario has been frolicking down the trail of success, gleaming with luminous beauty, leaving all those in her path ablaze with her radiant hotness. At the very least, she's made her mark in the land of Movie Hotties, and there's no question about that. Whether it was through TRUE DETECTIVE, the PERCY JACKSON flicks, or even (gulp) TEXAS...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Movie Hotties in Lingerie!

Since the late nineteenth century, visually appealing undergarments have played a pivotal role in the entertainment of humankind. Even before moving pictures existed, villagers and townsfolk would pay good coin to be teased by the high kicks of burlesque dancers, flashing their stockings and decorated pantyhose. Throughout many decades of cinema history, lingerie has...
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