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Could you get with a beefed up babe like Trish Stratus?

I've got an aversion to women who bulk up. It's just not attractive to me. I'm not necessarily opposed to fit women, but when they start to grow biceps that challenge the stitch in the average t-shirt sleeve, I start to look elsewhere. I'm not sure where I stand on former WWE star Trish Stratus , seen here in the pages of Australia's Inside Fitness magazine. She's on the cusp of growing the...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest WWE Divas

I am going to beg your forgiveness, those of you who look through this Ten Spot and concurrently are fans of the WWE. For I really know nothing about the majority of the women who have been infiltrating the wresting league. In fact, I didn't even pick this list. It was suggested to me by a young man named Joel Felix and the selections here, in the order listed, I must give complete credit to...
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