Olivia Wilde has the courage to be the hottest mom ever

Olivia Wilde was at some event honoring courageous journalists, looking amazing in her strapless number. I heard her talking about that nude scene she did recently, saying something to the effect that she wanted to do it so there would be a record of how her body looked before having the kid. Looking her over here, I can't really see the difference between those two iterations of Olivia....
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Face Off: Olivia Wilde vs. Scarlett Johansson

There were a few more of you who sided with Nina Dobrev than Emmanuelle Chriqui in last week's Face Off . They seem more alike than different to me, but if ya'll can pick out one as better than another, then bully for you. One might call 2014 The Year of the New Celeb Moms. So many hotties walked around knocked up this year - too many, if you ask me. I can't say why for certain. For...
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Celebrate Olivia Wilde's 30th with 30 Sexy Pics

It's one of those milestone birthdays for Olivia Wilde , who officially leaves her 20s behind today. That's kind of surprising. It seems like Olivia has been around for so long that 30 would have already come and gone for her at this point. I suppose that's just one of the many side effects created by our collective affection for Liv. She's packed quite a life into her scant 30 years. Married...
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Flashback Friday: The one thing geeks and jocks can agree on is Cindy Morgan was super hot

It's a matter of unlikely movie history that Cindy Morgan just happened to star in two totally different movies in the extreme early 80s that made her equally beloved of two totally different groups of people. The first movie was the immortal CADDYSHACK, which is practically required viewing for anyone considering themselves a sports fan. I've certainly never met a golfer or general...
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Claudia Romani needs to communicate with her user

Notorious attention junkie Claudia Romani was "spotted" in her natural beach habitat and mostly natural attire the other day, doing her best TRON impression with a hula hoop. Unfortunately, it would appear that Claudia's identity disc is mostly empty air, which is apropos considering that she seems to know little else but posing in bikinis. One might choose to judge her harshly for that, but...
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