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GQ Mexico gives us a preview of their forthcoming Alexandra Daddario spread

As usual with GQ, they got to wet our appetites for forthcoming spreads of supreme hotties with a little "leaked" image. It's their standard method for drumming up interest, and it works. It's the reason why the pic of their April GQ Mexico cover, featuring Alexandra Daddario , is friggin' everywhere right now. That and her wearing a bikini for said cover which features her tits...
3 days ago
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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Alexandra Daddario

It didn't feel like either Zoey Deutch or Saoirse Ronan had a clear cut advantage in our last Face Off. They're both beautiful and are probably going to be recurring names in a lot of stuff from now on, so that's probably right on the money. Well another year has drawn to a close, which means we have a new HOTY. Unfortunately for Margot Robbie , her movies in 2016 had a way of...
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Face Off: Cobie Smulders vs. Rachel McAdams

Seemed like Jennifer Connelly was getting more love than Rachel Weisz in last week's Face Off . The question I have is whether that's love for current Jennifer, or past Jennifer. I could understand if you view current Jennifer as somewhat backseated by current Rachel. On the other hand, it's my opinion that few could match past Jennifer for sheer sex appeal. I guess it's hard not to...
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Big tits under see thru lace threaten to upstage Alexandra Daddario's speech

I have to believe Alexandra Daddario knows what she's doing when she decides to put on a top like the one she was wearing for this event she attended today. She has to figure a healthy percentage of the folks listening to her talk have seen her do that full front and back nekkid thing on True Detective , and thus will inevitably find themselves lost in vivid memories of what those titties...
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6 year old Alexandra Daddario pics remind us what we're missing

It's been over a year since Alexandra Daddario did a photo shoot for anything. Even longer than that since she really showed off those famous proportions of hers in something not a blurry set pic from the BAYWATCH movie. That's way too long a wait for Alexandra goodness. Someone as beautiful and well put together like her should be doing photo shoots like assembly line workers make...
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Rachel Mcadams looking fine at the Toronto Film Festival

Sure True Detective season two spent a fair amount of time on her character only to sideline her in the last 20 minutes of the show; reducing her character to nothing more than a whistle blower. But in life, Rachel McAdams will always be a sexy star of consequence. That gaze, that grin; yeesh -- it gets me every time. How could it not? Is there anyone out there whom this lady doesn't...
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Rachel McAdams gets leggy in short, see thru lace

Rachel McAdams has been making the talk show rounds in promotion of her movie SOUTHPAW the last few days. Here are some shots of her entering the ABC studios to do just that, wearing a sort of see thru thing showing off all kinds of leg. Too bad it's not actual see thru, but you take what you can get. Unfortunately, based on the trailer for this, it doesn't look like Rachel's character makes...
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It's good to see Rachel McAdams smiling again

Finally after more than halfway through the second season of True Detective, and only seeing the usually lovely Rachel McAdams with the sternest of looks, most contemplative of expressions and uttering each syllable for maximum dramatic impact; it was refreshing (and slightly jarring) to be reminded how captivating she can be whilst flashing a grin worthy of promoting the latest enamel...
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Face Off: Rose Byrne vs. Rachel McAdams

Seemed as though ya'll were split fairly equally into Alexandra Daddario and Gemma Arterton camps for last week's Face Off . Closely matched hotties like these do seem to elicit those kinds of hung jury situations. I sympathize. I'd be hopelessly torn as well, were I asked to make an actual, consequential choice between them. Both Rose Byrne and Rachel McAdams have stuff out or...
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Michelle Monaghan shows off her playground of a body

We've been doing a lot of coverage of Alexandra Daddario lately. Whenever we do that, we always end up mentioning True Detective and Alexandra's great contribution to that show. What's criminally less remembered is Michelle Monaghan's brief but awesome sex scene moment on that show. What a wonderful ass she owns, which for some silly reason Michelle keeps tucked away most of...
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Face Off: Alexandra Daddario vs. Gemma Arterton

Most of you seemed to think Kate Upton was the better big titty model, at least when compared to Charlotte McKinney . I wonder how long that opinion will last, should she continue eschewing her past big titty exploits for casually conservative dress and roles in chick flicks. Speaking of Kate and chick flicks, you'll see her next year in the movie THE LAYOVER along side one half of...
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Alexandra Daddario is our Hottie of the Month 2015

For years now, Alexandra Daddario has been frolicking down the trail of success, gleaming with luminous beauty, leaving all those in her path ablaze with her radiant hotness. At the very least, she's made her mark in the land of Movie Hotties, and there's no question about that. Whether it was through TRUE DETECTIVE, the PERCY JACKSON flicks, or even (gulp) TEXAS...
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