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Blake Lively looks unlawfully hot at children's film premiere

Is it allowed to look this hot at a film premiere? Not just any premiere, it's the premiere for TURBO , a movie I'm fairly certain is for kids (and, very possibly, snail enthusiasts, I know more than a few). Blake Lively and her breasts are going to overpower these poor children's fragile little minds (look how stupid it made Ryan Reynolds). Her beauty is for real,...
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Things that make you go Wowza! Michelle Rodriguez in tight dress at NBC Today

I wanna zip her. Technically, UNzip her and then rezip her and rinse and repeat. I've always found Michelle Rodriguez to be sexy as f*ck but seeing her in this dress which is begging to be shed right off of her taut, athletic frame is killing me. The actress was hitting up NBC's Today Show to promote her vocal performance in the animated movie TURBO, something which makes sense since she...
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