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Rachel Riley is one powerfully pretty Brit

I honestly thought when I first looked at these pictures that I was seeing a cute layout from former "The Walking Dead" and DUMB & DUMBER TO star Laurie Holden , but it turns out I was wrong. No, this cute blonde babe is Rachel Riley a British TV host person who has appeared on the UK version of Dancing with the Has-Beens and Never-Quite-Weres. (They refer to it as "Strictly Come Dancing.")...

UK FHM adds their 7 to the Rachel Stevens fan club

For someone who just took the FHM UK Sexiest Woman of All Time honors, you'd think that Rachel Stevens would be a bigger household name outside of her home country. I had to go look up what she was known for, stopping on her resume listing of "Louisa the Dirty Girl" from DEUCE BIGALO: EUROPEAN GIGOLO. Seems that Rachel was also a member of some other British girl group (because the only one I...

Welcome back Georgia Salpa and her two bulging friends

It's been awhile since we had the good fortune of seeing anything from not-very-Irish-looking Irish lass Georgia Salpa . I was beginning to wonder when we'd hear from her and her two best friends again. Nice to see that the intervening months haven't really changed anything about Georgia. She's still showing off her goods in the same great way. I'm sure you UK folks probably never stop seeing...

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