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Budweiser have their alcoholic eyes on Anastasia Ashley and so do I

Who here at MovieHotties likes beer? Everyone? Good! You'll be happy to know that Budweiser has their eyes on a certain Anastasia Ashley to be the new hottie that promotes their beer. Having a hot spokesmodel is everything when it comes to selling cerveza (remember those awesome Coors twins?) and this time is no exception. Surfer hotties are definitely a good way to go and seeing the booty...

Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus

I guess, what with her latest boyfriend hitting theaters in what is sure to be Renny Harlin's latest failure at the box office, THE LEGEND OF HERCULES , it's time to evaluate the hotness of the current you either love her, hate her, or love to despise her pop tart of the decade. It was bound to happen eventually. Miley Cyrus At some point between her current...

Vida Guerra puts on a sexy Santa hat and twerks by the Tannenbaum

It's kind of amusing how many hotties and other celebs were putting up all kinds of holiday content on the web this year, some of it good, some not so much. I'll let you decide how well Vida Guerra and her Christmas themed twerk fest plays. I'm usually fairly down with whatever Vida decides to bring, this Christmas themed butt moment being no exception. Being an ass man and thus inclined...

Miley Cyrus twerks with Bad Santa

Oh yeah, time indulge in another Miley Cyrus hatefest. The queen of skanky twerks is back at it, this time turning the holidays into a joke with a drunken Santa Claus for the KIIS FM Jingle Ball event. Miley came complete with suggestive candy cane microphones and furry Chanel bag for some inane reason, along with the requisite Christmas-themed costume that shows off her paltry ass. What can...

Everybody is loving the cray-cray Amanda Bynes, proving it with fan art

There once was just one queen, but whoever that original was, move the fug over for the new queen, that of the recently cray-cray in da bray-bray, Amanda Bynes . We've all seen the videos. We've seen the pictures (although I've attached the two most recent ones that were added to her Twitter account just yesterday). We've all made jokes about the vagicide. But have you all been following...

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