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Jessica Szhor brings back that sexy Mastrantonio vibe at War Dogs premiere

I had wondered where Jessica Szohr had been, after making a small splash as one of the side characters on "Gossip Girl," I rarely saw the actress at red carpet events until the WAR DOGS premiere earlier this week. I suppose she's laying low, getting prepped to be a part of the new "Twin Peaks" experience, which I both dread and am anxiously anticipating. I'm bummed that Lynch isn't going to...
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Naomi Watts slips into a sexy photoshoot with The Edit

I'd make a comment about wanting to feed Naomi Watts a sandwich but that kind of body shaming bullshit is getting tired. I've been watching Naomi kick out the hits since TANK GIRL and she's always been a particularly slight little lady. Sure, the business keeps women thinner than they might choose to be if they worked at a sit-down job but who wants to see anyone sit at a desk and process...
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Amanda Seyfried squeezes out another sexy magazine spread

Amanda Seyfried always seems to have a photoshoot somewhere in the works. This one for Magame Figaro is one of the better ones in terms of what we get to see from Amanda. I'm still trying to figure out if that one shot of her in the see thru dress is truly see thru or some kind of skin-colored slip. I'm pretty sure that's Amanda under there, which is pretty awesome actually. One thing I'm...
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Flashback Friday: Sherilyn Fenn was the ultimate 90s femme fatale

Sherilyn Fenn always seemed like someone born into the wrong time. She never fit in with the standard of beauty in women who broke big back in the 90s. She belonged in the 30s and 40s, where she no doubt would have really shined just as bright as the rest of the silver screen beauties of that age. As a result of being out of time with her hotness, she kind of fell into a niche back in...
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Flashback Friday: Remember Mädchen Amick?

There are a few hotties who I will always associate with the 90s. They're the ones who take me back to those bygone days of flannel and baggy jeans whenever I see them again. One of my favorites from that group of hotties is the enchanting Mädchen Amick . While perhaps not the biggest name anymore and only moderately well known in her day, she will always be goddess in my eyes. Mädchen...
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