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Beth Behrs got flapper happy for the 16th Annual Trevor Project

I like the warm, campy charm of Beth Behrs . While it's hard at times to listen to her character's high pitched tone while watching "2 Broke Girls," (I still say I like the show and I don't care what that says about me), Behrs has a great attitude when it comes to what may ultimately end up as a character actress long-term success. She regularly posts self-deprecating comments about herself...
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Kat Dennings still has a place on television and in our hearts

I love boobs. Like, I really, really love boobs. I remember one time in the first grade, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I instantly said back to her, "BOOBS!" I don't know why, but it's still a dream that I have to this day and if one day I wake up and become a wonderful pair of breasts, I'll be a very happy man. One of the ladies out there with a particularly...
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Beth Behrs performs at Sardis, gets cowgirlish with Kaley Cuoco

It's nice to see Beth Behrs out without her "2 Broke Girls" co-star Kat Dennings, even though I really like the way the two of them look together. I just worry for the future of Behrs' resume if she's ONLY out with Kat. For the Night at Sardi's event, which has brought together other CBS sitcom casts such as "The Big Bang Theory" in the past, Beth took to the stage to do some singing,...
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Kat Dennings busts out for the home shoppers

Kat Dennings and a bunch of other celebs were at some QVC red carpet thing the other night. Why these people chose to have anything to do with such a thing, I cannot say. I can only assume they were getting paid to stand in front of a big wall covered in QVC logos. If you're not familiar with QVC, congratulations on being somewhat well adjusted. You will hopefully never succumb to that...
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Sexy TwitPics: Kat Dennings

It doesn't seem like long ago we first laid our eyes on Kat Dennings . Like many people, I was introduced to Kat and her wobbly bits in her role as a sexually frustrated daughter in 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. The role wasn't particularly big, but it was memorable, and she eventually landed her first starring role in NICK AND NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST. These days, Kat's...
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Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs strip for the Super Bowl

Yup, 3 days into the week, and we're talking about sexy Super Bowl commercials. This one, however, only appeared during halftime, so there's a good chance you missed it while going on a beer run. "The Two Broke Girls Spectacular", featuring Kat Denning 's excessive cleavage and Beth Behrs 's excessive eye-makeup, was a pleasant surprise for those of whom after watching Nina Agdal, Beyonce...
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