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Katie Cassidy returns to her life's 2nd passion, wearing a bikini in Miami

Whether or not you watch Katie Cassidy on "Arrow," the actress tends to make sure that you're paying attention to her by frolicking about Miami beaches in skimpy bikinis. There's that time back in December when she had the flowery bikini, that other time in December when she put on the leather topped bikini , and of course May of last year and then again April of last year making...

The fat shamers follow Selena Gomez & her pink bikini to Mexico

I think what's bothering me most about the constant twattering of idiots calling everyone from Kelly Clarkson to P!nk fat is the fact that they're picking on women who aren't necessarily fat. Sure, they're thicker than we've seen them in the past but it just means that they're operating at a healthier standard than what the Hollywood fame machine expect. Clarkson has...

Keri Russell rocks her retro two piece like a true American

While on vacation with her family in Australia, "The Americans" star Keri Russell threw things into reverse in terms of her swimsuit style, showcasing her fir 39-year old frame in a high waisted bikini. The trolls of the internet are trying to give her shit for being too old-fashioned but let's get real here. This is a fashionable bikini that covers all of the major bases, still allows for...

Katie Cassidy is still having fun romping Miami beaches in bikinis

Either Miami can't get enough of Katie Cassidy or Katie can't get enough of Miami. A second sighting of the "Arrow" star on the beaches of Florida's coast while she spent her vacation with her friends revealed a happy Katie frolicking in the water again, this time wearing a two piece that featured fish swimming around on her tight rear. Katie is continuing her career in indie thrillers,...

Katie Cassidy greets Miami shores in a bikini

While her show "Arrow" is on its filming hiatus, CW star Katie Cassidy took to the beaches of Miami in a peach bikini while she hung out with a few of her girlfriends. I'm not in love with the overall look of the swimsuit but at least Cassidy doesn't appear to be as underfed here as she has in some other photoshoots, although some of that can definitely be attributed to an overusage of...

Natalia Proza is just another happy hottie looking hot with bottled water

I can't…I don't…I'm not strong enough, you guys. After putting up an article featuring 138 water models, I always think to myself, "That's it for a while." But, no. It never fails where I'll see a photospread the next f*cking day of another ridiculously sexy lady pimping out the already pimped out 138 water. You know what might make it easier? Just deciding to not point out the fact that...

Eva Longoria looks sexy in a bikini and sh....wait, what's she doing with that fork?!

Nothing like indulging in a creamy snack on the beach, am I right? Sorry, I had to. Anyway, here's Eva Longoria looking adorably hot on the beach in a bikini. There's not much else today expect, "Nice." and "Damn." and "Woah, bro. She's hot." It kind of puts me at a loss for words when I see pictures of someone as hot as Eva groping herself like...

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