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Does 40-year old Tyra Banks still do it for you?

21 installments of "America's Next Top Model" have been produced so far, all of which have been judged and hosted by former Victoria's Secret model, Tyra Banks . Over the years we've seen more play from Tyra's ego going a bit off the deep end than we have from any of the winning participants (I've never watched the show and so I rely on people telling me who was on it, the most notable being...
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Milla Jovovich, Miranda Kerr & other hotties are all in bed waiting for you

W Magazine managed to gather up a bunch of extremely attractive men and women and had them pose on a bed for them for something called "Pillow Tweets." Here we have these hotties either semi-clothed or not at all, which is awesome news for everyone. The pics are super classy and sexy, with a black and white color to them all which does a good job of showing off everyone's...
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The Top Ten Sexiest Sports Illustrated Models

It's a good year for a lot of reasons, what with the 60th Anniversary for Playboy magazine and the 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazines coinciding to create a showering of tasty female skin moments, to varying degrees of exposure. It's almost hard to believe that the two are only 10 years in difference, but who's complaining? Jezebel recently featured all the...
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Top Ten Hottest Victoria Secret Angels

Ain't no body like a Victoria's Secret body! A company that started in my favorite state, California (home states rock!!!) by a man named Roy Raymond, a Stanford School of Business alum, who was looking to spice up buying women's underwear and make it more palatable for women and for the men who loved buying slinky things for those women. Yes, it's true that he sold VS to the people behind The...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Couch Potatoes

I missed St. Patrick's Day in the sense that I didn't eat cabbage or corned beef or even mashed potatoes. I didn't drink (early hours at the day job) and I was in bed by 11:30pm. It made me think about how I spent the hour before bed, sprawled lazily on the couch, reading a book, and then I thought... coach potato. Potatoes are Irish. I can make that a Ten Spot, right?
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Joanna Krupa is Next Top Model Poland's Tyra Banks

Holy hell, I am so glad that I don't pay attention to reality television (other than being a faithful fan of "Ice Loves Coco," and if you don't understand that, you haven't watched the show). Apparently there's a new version of that train wreck about rich bitch (usually white) women complaining about how their lap of luxury isn't comfy enough. Joanna Krupa might be helping kick off Poland's...
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