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Hot or Not: Tania Raymonde

The name might sound unfamiliar and if you look at one or two (or all) of these pictures I'm using, you're probably going to stop and tap a finger to your chin, thinking that she looks familiar but you just can't place her from right where. Hint: Since there's been all this "former child star mayhem" in the news, I thought we'd take one who hasn't been a whirlwind of cray-cray....

Hot or Not: Lena Dunham

PLEASE: IF YOU PLAN ON JUST BEING DEMEANING, AT LEAST TRY TO MAKE YOUR COMMENTS CLEVER OR WITTY. THANK YOU. There are a lot of people talking about this week's Hot or Not girl this week and while I go into this column knowing that the majority of you are going to talk shit, I want to feature her because the show that she wrote, developed and sold just finished its second season with a...

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