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I love it when Kate Beckinsale goes shopping, walks, talks, eats, breathes

These periodic and very public escapades at the boutique stores by Kate Beckinsale and her incredibly fortunate husband fascinate me. She always dresses way more alluring than one would for this sort of Sunday afternoon shopping thing. You see her in a lot of tight leggings or in this case tight jeans. She's always got the shampoo commercial hair and is generally immaculately appointed. If...

Check out our newest feature, The Moviehotties 6-Pack!

Hey, guys. We got a new sumpin' sumpin' happening over on our Joblo YouTube Channel called The Moviehotties 6-Pack. This is a weekly feature where we compile a list (guess how many) of a select group of hotties who do their thing especially well. This week, we've put together a list of the Hottest Female Hunters in Movies. Check it out below! Pretty cool, huh? Does it give...

Kate Beckinsale looks sexy in expensive clothes while going out to buy more expensive clothes

I come from a family completely full of women who like to go out shopping for clothes and purses and other gay shit like that. Many memories disturb my sleep of sitting in a chair and waiting for hours while they tried on blouses and skirts and jackets and bras and everything else. It haunts me to this day. I would, however, go back to all of that, just so I could be with the beautiful, the...

Kate Beckinsale turns 40 today?? Let's watch her grow up!

You read that correctly, the woman who pretty much single-handedly changed the way we look at tight, black leather turns 40-years-old today. Kate Beckinsale has always been one of my own, personal favorite hotties, so any opportunity to whip up a shrine in dedication to her career in hotness, I'll take. I'd say Kate's approaching of the big 4-0 is more than worthy of a...

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