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When she smiles, Katrina Bowden is as pretty as a snowflake

Another winter, another seemingly classy and elegant ball going down filled with a myriad of beautiful ladies. Alright, so maybe I'm romanticizing it a little bit, but when there's a ball and you see cutie Katrina Bowden looking massively adorable, you know that there must be at least a few other good looking women to back her up. She was at some event called the UNICEF Snowflake...

Naya Rivera masquerades as nothing more than her sexy self for the children

Someone forgot to tell Naya Rivera what a masquerade ball is all about. As the name implies, you're supposed to masquerade as something other than who or what you are, even if that's just wearing a mask over your eyes. I suppose if you're big on self promotion, disguising yourself as someone else is not very conducive to your desired ends. Therefore instead of the disguise, Naya opted for a...

Anna Kendrick is all fiery red (and cleavagey) at the UNICEF Ball

UNICEF is an important organization. Feeding homeless and starving children is an extremely necessary thing that all people should do. However, whenever there's an event like the UNICEF ball, it's also extremely important for celebrities to look sexy. Anna Kendrick knows this well as she decided to wear this little number. Ahh. With a nice peek at her cleavage, a hot red dress that really...

Katy Perry is super happy to hang with the kids of Unicef as their new Goodwill Ambassador

I've always liked Katy Perry , which is why I rooted for her marriage to be successful and was sad when she couldn't work it out (breaking up is never fun, no matter who you are or how much money you make) and why I hate that she's with John Mayer. I am as excited for her at the announcement that she's Unicef's latest Goodwill Ambassador (previous holders of the title include David Beckham,...

Christina Ricci is an unusually beautiful snowflake at the Snowflake Ball

I don't mean to sound like "unusually beautiful" is a bad thing, but I'll elaborate. Christina Ricci is a gorgeous woman, but as far as these pictures are concerned, I can't quite put my finger on why I think she's pretty. I'm not used to seeing that kind of darker makeup on a woman and being like, "DAMN!" or seeing a woman that skinny and being like, "DUH-DOUBLE-DAMN!" They actually kind of...

Wow... Gemma Arterton can have all my Halloween UNICEF pennies

Gemma Arterton is in her own league when it comes to the babes who've been gleaned from her generation. There's no one else quite as bewitching as the brunette goddess from the UK who glows with a special something whenever she's about, including showing up on Wednesday night for the UNICEF Halloween Ball in London, where she was seen wearing this backless negligee-style dress and heaving...

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