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Abigail Clancy skips the side boob, goes full side body

Fine ass owner Abigail Clancy was feeling particularly unabashed while attending a charity event in London the other night, thus her full on side body dress. It would seem this virtually pointless dress thing is starting to gain momentum throughout the celebrity world. First there was Jaimie Alexander's full frontal dress and now Abigail. I suppose that makes sense. Hotties have been...
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Jennifer Nicole Lee has some nice English muffins

It looks like the UK will soon have another bosomy babe under their wing, now that Jennifer Nicole Lee appears to be planning a trip to London, England. It's either that or JNL's trying to get some overseas recognition in the most obvious, feeblest way ever. Either way works for me, so long as I get to see her marbleized MILF body wrapped in a Union Jack bikini (I'd like to show her my...
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