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Daisy Bevan brings her unique beauty to the Faces of January premiere

Yesterday Kirsten Dunst and her cleavage at the UK premiere of THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY were discussed but what got overlooked was the movie's other female eye candy, Daisy Bevan . She's not the most conventional looking of hotties but there's a unique beauty to her that I'm drawn to. The British actress has been seen in ELIZABETH and THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE and looked stunning on the red...

Rumer Willis's panties compliment her dress rather well

There are nip slips, the always popular "don't do crack" butt crack shots and then there's this: the infamous panty flash. Oh, boy. My favorite. These batch of pictures and the panty flash in question is from no other than Rumer Willis . She decided to hit up the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration. Why she was there is…anybody's guess, but at least she made her visit completely worth...

Kat Dennings wears fashions, makes eyes, looks hot

This spread Kat Dennings did for Zooey magazine is light on the boob content, which is somewhat unusual for Kat. It is a good opportunity to resolve something I've heard some bring up about whether Kat is attractive, outside of her impressive bodily assets. We already know when her huge tits come into play the question of whether or not there's an attraction quality to Kat is muted. The real...

Lizzy Caplan has a lot of it in the December issue of Flare

It's nice to know that Janis Ian wasn't hurt all too badly by those MEAN GIRLS. "Master of Sex," the new Showtime series which Lizzy Caplan is featured on as Virginia Johnson, one of the pioneers in documenting sexual activities, debuted to good numbers after its lead-in, "Homeland" pulled an all-time high audience of nearly 2 million viewers, not bad for a pay-cable company. Now Lizzy is...

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