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Face Off: Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Krysten Ritter

Alison Brie landed a solid win against Jennifer Lawrence in the previous Face Off . That was a difficult choice. They are both so damn great in so many ways. As much as I would love to have them both begging me for it, I'm kinda glad I'll never be in a position of having to choose between them. I've been thinking about the hotties who rock the dark hair and pale skin. That's kind of...
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Irina Shayk tries to hide beauty by dressing strangely; doesn't work

Don't you just hate it when you see one of your favorite hotties at some film premiere and the outfit they're wearing totally kills their hotness? You think that they totally could've gotten away with just wearing something classy or better yet, ridiculously sexy. Something that shows off the breasts and maybe a bit of the side stomach and the booty, but no. They just had to take a chance and...
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Christina Ricci is an unusually beautiful snowflake at the Snowflake Ball

I don't mean to sound like "unusually beautiful" is a bad thing, but I'll elaborate. Christina Ricci is a gorgeous woman, but as far as these pictures are concerned, I can't quite put my finger on why I think she's pretty. I'm not used to seeing that kind of darker makeup on a woman and being like, "DAMN!" or seeing a woman that skinny and being like, "DUH-DOUBLE-DAMN!" They actually kind of...
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Lizzy Caplan has a lot of it in the December issue of Flare

It's nice to know that Janis Ian wasn't hurt all too badly by those MEAN GIRLS. "Master of Sex," the new Showtime series which Lizzy Caplan is featured on as Virginia Johnson, one of the pioneers in documenting sexual activities, debuted to good numbers after its lead-in, "Homeland" pulled an all-time high audience of nearly 2 million viewers, not bad for a pay-cable company. Now Lizzy is...
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