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Face Off: Anna Kendrick vs. Lacey Chabert

Sort of a resigned win for Kate Hudson over her opposition, Cameron Diaz , in the last installment of the Face Off . I feel your indifference. I'm similarly underwhelmed by these two and their various current exploits. Back in the day there was all kinds of hotness from both of them. Nowadays...mostly meh. This week we're dealing with cutie pies. Going by the names of Anna Kendrick...

Hottie Report Card: Anna Kendrick

Last week, fellow Movie Fan Central user dseal22 suggested we study Anna Kendrick 's hotness for the next "Report Card", and you know how I like to please our fellow schmoes (since we're so often on the same page as each other). To be totally honest, this suggestion came right out of left field for me, but I assure you, I will grade her honestly, based on the...

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