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Jessica Chastain is a hit, even when her movies aren't

Well, I pretty much called it in regards to THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR. It was a huge bomb, both critically and at the box office. Was anyone expecting otherwise? I wonder about that sometimes. When they're in the process of making a movie like this, which no one asked for or particularly wanted, is it just kinda understood by all involved that they're investing their time and energies into...
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Chloe Moretz makes cute faces for USA Today

For as much as everyone claims to love Chloe Grace Moretz , her movies sure do seem to pull in some shitty box office numbers. After opening in a disappointing 6th place on the 22nd of January, THE 5TH WAVE has already dropped over 30% in one week and doesn't look as if it's going to make up its budget. Last year Moretz's headlining gig in IF I STAY did equally poor numbers and her bit role...
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Kristen Stewart in V magazine's January 2013 issue. Whaddup, haters?

At this point, you know I'm baiting all of you who are on the popular side of the debate on Kristen Stewart . You've probably caught on to my, let's see... incessant, inexplicable, frustrating, aggravating, obnoxious and so many other definitions of my defense of her. So fine, here's some direct quotes from various interviews that KStew has done over the past year. From July 2012's Vanity...
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