A patriotic Katy Perry is the perfect throwback for this Thursday

Oh man does this make me yearn for 2012. We don't go into political stuff around here at Hotties because T&A exploitation is exactly the place you go to when you want to avoid all of that nonsense. But when it comes to outtakes from a 2012 photoshoot that Katy Perry did for Parade magazine, well, I think we can all stare at her Ts and A while they're enrobed in stars & stripes. Katy's...
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Sexy TwitPics: Stephanie Corneliussen

You may know her as Tyrell Wellick's conniving cohort and sexy spouse, Joanna Wellick, on USA's excellent series, MR. ROBOT. But before she broke into film and television, this Danish import's modeling career was well-documented and closely followed by those of us who found her long list of lovely attributes irresistible – there are many. Thankfully, the miracle of social media makes...
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Sofia Vergara shows off her appreciation with her leather bound booty

I kind of feel like this is cheating somehow. Again, I still haven't really seen a full episode of Modern Family (it's on my to-do list, I swear!), but somehow by the Television, Booty and Hottie gods, I'm still managing to see Sofia Vergara's hotness, this time in the form of leather. Sofia rocked some seriously sexy leather pants at the USA Network's Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day...
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Naomi Watts glows on the cover of Allure magazine

Hope you're not yet sick of Naomi Watts on the cover of everything, staring out at you with in all her sexiness from a bunch of publications on the newsstands right now, including the November 2013 issue of Allure magazine. With her movie DIANA catching strong critic reviews and poising Watts for a potential 3rd Oscar nomination (she was nominated in 2004 for 21 GRAMS and again in 2013 for...
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Katy Perry takes a roll in ze hay in Vogue USA

There's a immense range of fantasies going through my mind as I look at Katy Perry being her usual sultry, stylish self on a farm out in the country. Could she be the farmers daughter? The producer of milk? Or perhaps even a professional chicken-choker? The list goes on and on. Of course, I feel guilty making Katy the subject of my depraved fantasies yet again, especially when all she's...
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Olivia Culpo is the first American to win Miss Universe in 15 years! Hurrah?

So did anyone else completely forget that the Miss Universe pageant was a thing? Well, it just took place last night, and after checking out the winner (as well as other contestants), all I have to say is... "yawn". I've been benumbed by those pics from Brazil's Miss Bum Bum pageant , so it's somewhat understandable that I'd be so lackadaisical when it comes to Miss Universe. It is nice to...
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