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Vanessa Hudgens fails to conceal her sexiness

Thankfully, Vanessa Hudgens didn't have enough appendages to cover both her face and her ass, so – again, thankfully – she opted for her face, leaving that tight little booty of hers directly in the paparazzi's crosshair. You gotta love a hottie who can turn an average afternoon of shopping for overpriced, organic food into a take notice leg show. Do the paparazzi...
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Top 6 Institutionalized Hotties (video)

Far be it from us to imply that all chicks are crazy. I know it may feel that way sometimes to us guys, but usually it's us guys who are making them crazy. Regardless of how it happens, there are the occasional movies wherein hotties have a few loose screws, or a busted spring, or blown a head gasket, or any number of other mechanically related euphemisms for going loco en la...
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Vanessa Hudgens thinks the Creative Arts Emmy Awards calls for a lot of leg

I can't be the only one who loves an approachable hottie, the kind that's all smiles and friendly gestures in a moment of being photographed. It becomes noticeable when – either in candids or photo shoots – someone's constantly projecting a standoffish disposition via a stern stare, or, a demeanor that suggests she may have an aversion to being looked upon as a...
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Vanessa Hudgens learns why they put the good stuff on the top shelves

This is clearly one of the drawbacks to wearing shit that barely does the job of keeping one's sensitive areas covered. You never know when the kind of stuff Vanessa Hudgens had on yesterday will fail to do its job. Take this situation here, where something on a top shelf reduced Vanessa's super short romper thing to an only partially effective cover of her sweet ass. I have experience...
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BOTB Zac's Girls: Halston Sage vs Michelle Rodriguez vs Vanessa Hudgens

There wasn't much interest in either the Battle of the Giant Babes last week or the movie, THE BFG, that it was based on. I know, it was poorly thought out and hastily constructed but you can't hold that against Spielberg forever, right? As for the tall ladies I featured in the column, Adrianne Palicki was your favorite, even if her career isn't. There's a lot more hope for the comedy...
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Vanessa Hudgens is here to school you on how to be beautiful

She's gone this route before with Beauty Coach, a company designed to help you work with what you've already got, something that Vanessa Hudgens seems to already be an expert at. This year they're focusing on using your natural texture and who better to show that off than Hudgens, who has been going au natural with her tresses as of late, letting them flow as free as the extensions she's...
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Julianne Hough & Vanessa Hudgens want you to consider how hot they are

I have GREASE LIVE! sitting in my NetFlix queue, waiting for the right moment (or strong enough strain, shall we say) to compel me to spend a couple hours watching Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens take on the halls of Rydell and the backseats of dudes who are probably too pretty to be realistic "greasers." While I love both of these ladies, especially Vanessa for sticking to her show...
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Vanessa Hudgens vamps it up at Moschino LA Live event

I don't know who Vanessa Hudgens thinks she's fooling with the abundance of curls flowing around her head. While I remember her having relatively long hair before cutting it off in 2011 for her role in GIMME SHELTER, it certainly wasn't as out of control as she's been representing recently. She's also cut and colored her locks for various gigs, including her brief role as the Candie's...
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The Top 10 Hottest Brunette Actresses

There are going to be a lot of disagreements with this top ten, I can just sense it now. When you factor in that 85% of women in the world are naturally brunette (I totally made that up but it sounds reasonable enough to me), it would be impossible to really narrow down which are the 10 hottest. Sort of like how hard it is to pick a favorite Kevin Bacon movie, considering that the dude has made...
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How about some toned Vanessa Hudgens tush to start off your week?

Bella Thorne and her sister weren't the only hot young female celebs hitting up the beaches of Miami over the weekend. Our favorite little neo-hippie, Vanessa Hudgens decided to visit the beaches of the East before she (presumably) hits up Coachella this upcoming weekend. And what's better than watching her get her groove on while nursing various suspicious elements (remember back in 2011...
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Vanessa & Stella Hudgens make great flotation devices

Vanessa Hudgens and her sister Stella decided to do a little tubing around the hotel pool in Miami today. Not sure why they would do this in a pool. A creek or a river would be good for this. A water park adventure ride makes sense. One might even have themselves dragged behind a speedboat in one of these, if they were into the self harm thing. Pools just don't make much sense for this...
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Bewitching criminal Vanessa Hudgens brings her toned abs to Harry Potter opening

I guess Vanessa Hudgens' bad girl ways extend beyond that time she sent nude pictures to ex Zac Efron when she was still underage. Vanessa will definitely face charges for carving her and boyfriend Austin Butler's initials into a rock while visiting Sedona, which is a federal crime. I doubt she's going to have to serve the 6 months time but I'm also guessing that she's not going to have to...
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