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Imogen Thomas and her curvy bod needed someone to apply some sun tan lotion

Well here we are, at the end of summer, at least as far as our collective mindset goes. Labor Day Weekend here in the States is the point when rage at the early onset Halloween and Christmas decoration displays at the stores prompts many to begin to think in an Autumn frame of mind. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a big cool down. Heat sucks, especially summer heat. Although many...
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No Photoshop here! Britney Spears puts her best body back to work in Vegas

What a difference 3 years makes. The first time we started seeing pictures out of Britney Spears Las Vegas shows, there was a fear she was edging into her "Fat Elvis" years, pushing her once lithe dancer's body to the limit. Flash forward to this past weekend and take a look at the hard work that Brit has put in: One could say that she's more fit because she's been doing the show for...
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Jennifer Lawrence looks sexy as hell at CinemaCon, it's what she does

In some ways the fappening was the incredibly illegal and wholly intrusive miracle we all secretly condoned in private and condemned with disgust in public. At the time, it was hard to see any downside to having access to full frontal Jennifer Lawrence selfies – but there is, a downside. She's become much more cautious since the legendary invasion of privacy. Take these pictures...
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Carmen Electra works her bombshell look for her Genlux cover party

There are times when I see the Genlux magazine name and think of ELEKTRA LUXX the movie and then when I see that they're featuring Carmen Electra on the cover, my point connecting brain does one of those poof of smoke things. The 2010 movie was about Carla Gugino playing an adult film star going through some personal issues (the series of films from director Sebastian Gutierrez labeled...
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Brittany Snow looks perfectly gorgeous in a couple of new spreads

Even though she's turning 30 next year, there's something ageless about Brittany Snow to me. With a sexy photoshoot in the May issue of Vegas magazine, Brittany is starting to look a bit more mature than I've seen of her in the past, although that doesn't seem as if it's going to distract from her role as a college student in the upcoming PITCH PERFECT sequel. Hell, most of the people I...
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Charlotte McKinney brought her special heavy bags to the big fight

I wasn't incredibly stupid enough to fork over $100 to watch the big fight this weekend. Good thing, as it apparently turned out to be something far less than it was hyped to be, as is usually the case with things that are excessively hyped. I didn't see the fight, but from what I'm told it played out in a manner quite similar to the reenactment below, which by the way is my new favorite thing...
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Maria Menounos gives the showgirl thing a try

I've never ever seen a showgirls show (I've also never seen the SHOWGIRLS movie, but I think I can live without the latter), but now that I've seen my Greek goddess Maria Menounos all dressed up like she's about to perform the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life, I can't get it out of my mind. I can just imagine Maria surrounded by dozens of women all dressed down, save for the...
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Britney Spears had a few extra pieces on her at the premiere of her Vegas lazer crotch show

Britney Spears premiered her big Vegas show entitled "Pieces Of Me" over the weekend, which apparently involves her crotch being attacked by a laser pointer at some point in the show. You'd think Brit would have dropped those extra pounds and returned to her old fighting weight, what with all the dancing shit it looks like she's doing in this thing. Or maybe she's leaving most of the dancing...
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