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Ashley Greene & Alexandra Daddario bury Venice in sophistication

Case closed, man. If the producers behind BURYING THE EX were looking to sell the movie to me, their job is done. While it's obviously awesome to have a cast with the babe talents of both Ashley Greene (who seems to have contracted SFS - same face syndrome - from her time working with Kristen Stewart) and Alexandra Daddario , add Anton Yelchin (who looks to be big pimpin' here...

Who's got something they'd like to bury in Alexandra Daddario?

I have to think that the whole zombie thing has jumped the proverbial shark when it starts to move into romantic comedy territory. There's nothing cute or funny about zombies. Unless you're splitting their skulls open in some novel way. Then they're hilarious. But apparently they're giving the zombie/romantic comedy hybridization a shot anyway with this BURYING THE EX, which premiered at the...

I honestly wouldn't mind if Emma Stone was one of my 99 problems

Well, it sure does seem like Emma Stone is enjoying her stay in Italy for the Venice Film Festival. How else would you explain the absolute joy she's seeming to exude in every photocall, photoshoot or just straight up photo? Aside from looking happy as all hell, she's also just looking insanely adorable. I say insanely because looking at these pics is literally driving me insane....

Emma Stone was a beautiful red & green bird at the premiere of Birdman

Emma Stone is down in Venice now, premiering her much anticipated movie BIRDMAN for their big film festival. Lot's of buzz around that one. I'm just pleased to see my man Michael Keaton getting some love again. We see way too little of that guy around. This movie looks like a very unique story, what with the way it seemingly winds in and out of reality and fantasy. Also the novelty of...

Are Bullock and Clooney getting pulled in by each other's gravity?

They make a nice couple, don't they? George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were at the Venice Film Festival's screening of their near-Earth orbit nail-biter GRAVITY yesterday, looking really happy to be in the company of one another. Makes sense, the two of them. They're both single, both huge stars, both rich as Roosevelt and of approximate ages. They could do worse than take up with one...

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