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Hottie Clip of the Day: Elizabeth Olsen & Dakota Fanning

Who knew a movie called VERY GOOD GIRLS would begin with Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning running naked through a public beach? Furthermore, how could this footage have existed for a couple of years, and this is the first I'm hearing of it? The universe is filled with mysteries. While I can see why these actresses are considered hotties, I was never head over heels for...
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Dakota Fanning goes out and pokes out

Dakota Fanning was out and about in NYC yesterday, freeing herself of the need for any support garments while hotfooting it to wherever she was going. The result was some fabric on nipple, inevitably leading to a pokies situation. This is the same effect that causes your unprotected marathon runner to show up at the finish line dripping blood from their worn raw nipples, only less disturbing...
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Dakota Fanning teaches some lessons about how to be young and posing for Glamour

In comparison to Glamour Germany's shoot with Taylor Swift , the USA is hauling out some more titillating images when it comes to the nearly 19-year old Dakota Fanning . The star of Sundance's popular VERY GOOD GIRLS has been working furiously to get herself back in the game like she used to be some wild 10 years ago when I think the entire world was convinced that she was the only working...
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