Model Tahiry Jose's butt is gonna make you ask "Kardashian who?"

They tell me model Tahiry Jose has various gigs hosting shows on VH-1 and and dating various rap and hip hop stars. I wouldn't know, as I'm about as disinterested in both those subjects as one can be. It is understandable that such a nearly impossible amount of ass should appeal to rap and hip hop stars, as those guys have made a point of celebrating the large butted for some time now. Doing...

TV personality Carrie Keagan goes for a jugs at the boobs, rack, titties, gazongas fun bags

I don't watch much of VH-1 or the E! channel or Fox News or G4, which means my familiarity with the places where TV personality Carrie Keagan typically shows up is understandably limited. That being said, it doesn't take one very long to get a fairly good grasp on what Carrie brings to the networks she shows up on, which is namely a fine set of tig ol' bitties. I don't know, maybe she is...

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