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Victoria Justice's modelling style is just hanging out and looking beautiful

No big surprise to find out Victoria Justice doesn't have to put much effort into looking good enough to model stuff. This is a woman who wakes up in the morning and makes a glorious sunrise out the window look positively boring. That's how pleasing to the eye Vicky is. Yet as happy as I am to look at her, I did have an unpleasant musing on her recently after watching a bit of her ROCKY...
5 days ago
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Victoria Justice is honored to be the most beautiful face in the place

There's no shortage of pics featuring Victoria Justice out and about at some event like this one, where young women were being honored for something or other. Yet in the midst of all those moments, there are a few where Vicky manages to hit a grand slam and knock it out of the park simultaneously with an especially potent display of beauty. This is one of those times. Girl is almost too...
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Top 6 Hotties With Gorgeous Legs (video)

I quote the legendary ZZ Top which said "she got legs, she knows how to use them...would you get behind them if you could only find them?" Sadly, we don't think about the legs as much anymore. It used to be the quality of the gams was all one had to go on to size up a dame. Nowadays, with fashions leaving little to the imagination, everybody is naturally too busy looking...
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Victoria Justice and her sister were lookin' fine at the farmers' market

Victoria Justice and her sister Madison hit the local farmers' market in fine style this weekend. Maybe in a little too much style. Few people I know of, famous or not, go to an event like this looking to get everybody worked up for their sex appeal. Usually it's people wearing whatever feels comfortable on a Saturday afternoon. Then again, not everyone has a gaggle of paid paps encircling...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Demi Lovato vs Selena Gomez vs Victoria Justice

The last time we played this game, it was a hard choice between the redheads in question. Obviously all of them are outstanding women with traits you'd want to keep by your side for an extended time but it seems as if the majority of you agree with me that Amy Adams is marriage material (followed closely by the choice to wed Chastain), with the majority dating vote going to Jessica...
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Victoria Justice is the sexiest bio-exorcist

Halloween has been somewhat transformed from a ghoulish celebration of the macabre to an excuse for hotties to take what was once scary and repulsive, and reimagine it as something sexy. Until this day, Beetlejuice was the antithesis to any and all things sexy; that is until top hottie Victoria Justice took a revisionists approach to her costume. You won't find this little cutie...
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Victoria Justice chose the right dress for amfAR's Inspiration Gala

Of all the hotties featured in this section, I find Victoria Justice to be the most difficult to write about; her beauty transcends primative language. She's so stunning, in fact, no adequate word exists that can truly encapsulate her splendor. Awe-inspiring, gorgeous, elegant – all go-to descriptions that are better used on lesser hottties ... Victoria Justice exists on her own...
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Victoria Justice in various states of undress can't be anything but good

We did a little preview of Victoria Justice's Kode Magazine spread a little bit ago. Now comes the entire spread, which just like her last Kode spread, takes the Rocky Horror star to unusual lengths of hotness. We don't see nearly enough of this side of Victoria. She'll occasionally wear something tight and moderately revealing, but hardly ever does she just get down to some full on sexy...
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Victoria Justice brings maximum leg action to her Rocky Horror press tour

Victoria Justice was making the rounds in all the usual places in order to promote the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake, which premiered a few days ago to very little fanfare or interest whatsoever. No big surprise there. It's hardly the sort of movie anyone could meaningfully add anything to with a remake. 40 years later, RHPS is still a way out there movie for a lot of folks and very...
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A sexy sneak peek at Victoria Justice in an upcoming Kode Magazine spread

To this day, there is arguably no other Victoria Justice photo shoot as sexy as the one she did for KODE Magazine back in March of 2015 . It's easily my favorite, so you can imagine the overly excited reaction I had when coming across this image denoting a 2016 follow-up for their fall/winter issue. It looks as though they're on track to either meet or surpass the sexy visual...
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Victoria Justice demonstrates her power in a sexy dress

It's apropos Victoria Justice was at this Variety Power of Women event. Girl holds a significant power over me just by standing there looking like the most adorable thing the world has ever seen. Then I become even more helpless to Vicky's control when she turns around and shows us her cute little ass in a tiny dress that puts out just enough cleavage to be dangerous. I'm sure this event...
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Victoria Justice easily pulls off sexy and chic on the red carpet

I'm tired of seeing Victoria Justice in a mini dress, said no one ever. That would be be like someone at JoBlo saying I'm tired of watching movies; couldn't happen, would not happen. Here she is on the red carpet attending an event that ought to be called Freaks and Chic, but is really The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again. It's surprising,...
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