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Stella Maxwell was all legs for a night out in London

All was quiet on a brisk London evening until Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell showed up on the streets in a strategically cut dress, each slice carefully placed to aid in the showing off of the lanky blonde's ridiculously fit thighs. Just look at the cuts running up and down those finely tuned muscles: The adductor, the flexsor and the extensor. Every one of her tendons...
2 days ago
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Elsa Hosk rises from the ocean like the nipply blonde goddess she is

There are a lot of models vying for the next top Victoria's Angel spot, what with many of their regulars out on maternity leave these days (not that it takes long for one of those super-humans to bounce back from childbirth) and man, does it look as if Elsa Hosk is going hard for that honour. If any of them have the chops it takes to overtake the Candice Swanepoel spot, it's definitely...
4 days ago
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Elsa Hosk in her underwear is a wonderful thing

Obviously the optimal way to take in Swedish Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk is when she's wearing nothing at all, which is a state of dress she can often be found in. But I'll still take one of her sexy VS underwear spreads in a pinch. VS calls their top models angels as a handy marketing ploy to hype runway antics. But in regard to Elsa, it seems apropos. If I had to pluck someone from...
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Elsa Hosk goes for cut-offs & cut-out lace for a beach photoshoot

With Candice Swanepoel out on maternity leave, I've noticed that all of a sudden we're getting a lot of action from Elsa Hosk , one of the lovely Swedes Victoria's Secret has in their stable of Angels. I like her pointy little nose and ice queen blue eyes, neither of which you can see rather well in these paparazzi shots of the model on the beach in Miami doing a photoshoot. You can see a...
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Doutzen Kroes & her buff booty enjoy another day of Miami sunshine

I think we've all figured out what Victoria's Secret is after checking out their models clocking off-duty bikini time and that dual-fold secret is padding and Photoshop. Doutzen Kroes has a few other secrets, probably biggest of which is how a mother of two gets abs that look that sick. Girl is ripped AF and while the workouts & breastfeeding might have stolen her chest, that ass is still...
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Victoria can't keep Martha Hunt a secret

I know this would be a horrible business decision, but is it possible for a lingerie company as big as Victoria's Secret to do some rebranding? It feels time. Whatever secrets Victoria has been keeping in her naughty drawer have long been spilled all over the Internet. The idea that any new line of unmentionables is going to be kept a secret is beyond preposterous. These photos of...
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Elsa Hosk will make a nice Christmas present for somebody

It looks like Elsa Hosk is gonna be the new ambassador of sexy between myself and the whole pantheon of Victoria's Secret angels now. I used to be all about Candice Swanepoel , but she seems to have shifted her priorities elsewhere since getting knocked up. Damn kids. They always do that. Fortunately Elsa is still very much in the business of getting herself nekkid for our viewing...
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Sara Sampaio doesn't bother with discretion in Victoria's Secret spread

Ah yes! I was wondering when Victoria's Secret was going to ramp up their winter season promotional material. And what better instrument to sell skimpy garments than Sara Sampaio's bare bottom? Ok, so there's a tiny piece of string running down the crack, but, come on! There's hardly an inch of flesh on that really nice rump obscured to the eye, which may have you spending...
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Elsa Hosk has a contempt for clothes in her Lui spread

You may or may not know of France's Lui Magazine. They're a fond holdover from days past, when skin mags featuring nude models in provocative yet artsy poses were abundant. Lui has always been one of the better resources for such content, thanks to the seemingly inexhaustible supply of extremely well put together European hotties they've been able to choose from over the years, all of whom are...
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Parasitic lifeforms won't stop Irina Shayk from looking hot on the VS runway

As far as I know, this is the first time a model has walked the big Victoria's Secret holiday show while having a bun in the oven. I could be wrong there, I didn't really do any research. I can't remember them ever having to go to these ends for any other models besides Irina Shayk here, who's currently cooking up a kid for her guy, Bradley Cooper. You'll notice the attempt at concealing...
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Gigi, Bella and Kendall are the next generation of Victoria's Secret

The holidays bring a lot of things, among them colder temps, abundant carbs, horrible debt, frequent bouts of depression, eventual annoyance with manufactured Christmas cheer, and so on. One relatively positive thing which comes with this time of year is the annual Victoria's Secret holiday show. This is their big chance to put their best foot forward in the form of Earth's hottest models, all...
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Elsa Hosk fits in well with a set of sexy garters on

Victoria's Secret is gearing up for their big holiday spectacular, starting with the fitting process for the various angels who will be walking the runway in their company's new wares for the delight of a prime time TV audience. Not to sound like a prude or anything, but it does perplex me how VS and the networks come together on this fashion show thing they do every year. You wouldn't think...
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