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Izabel Goulart hit the gym before hitting the Olympic stage

I have trouble keeping track of everyone on Victoria's Secret's roster. It was easier in the beginning, with the basic trifecta of hotness - Heidi, Tyra and then the great Adriana Lima - and with the bigger names such as Candice Swanepoel getting knocked up these days, many of the background players are getting more time in the spotlight. That's where Izabel Goulart comes it. Top it off with...
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Heidi Klum nearly loses her bikini bottoms while frolicking in the ocean

This 9.9 (remember back when this was the most offensive thing that came out of DoucheNut's mouth?) still has what it takes to kill it on the beach in a little string bikini, if you ask me. Heidi Klum was seen frolicking about, nearly losing her bikini bottoms to the ocean tide while vacationing with her much younger dude man, proving that 4 kids isn't going to slow the roll of a lingerie...
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Izabel Goulart sips coconuts in bikinis while vacationing in Rio

Here's some loose statistics for you. Out of the top 50 most violent cities in the world, Brazil is home to 21 of them. It's the murder capital world; it's full of violent crime, mosquitoes carrying zica and oligarchs. That doesn't stop Victoria's Secret models like Izabel Goulart from packing a tiny two-piece and heading off to Rio de Janeiro for some R&R, though. As...
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Elsa Hosk looks her usual fantastic in Vicky's July crop of hot underwear

My rare Swedish obsession, Elsa Hosk , continues to look sensational in Victoria's Secret attire. I say rare with her Swedish ancestry because, as we know, the frequency of the blondes in their lands tends to be a little too excessive for my tastes. They do make some beautiful women though - beautiful enough to sometimes make me forget all about my blonde issues. Elsa is the perfect...
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Treat your eyes to Elsa Hosk's hypnotic hindquarters

Thank whatever you worship for fitness themed photo shoots. While you're at it, be thankful for booty shorts, Victoria's Secret, gymnastic rings, sports bras, hard bodied blondes like Elsa Hosk , morally flexible photographers and a means of efficient distribution called the internet. Remove any single one of those elements from that equation, and these images may have never existed....
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Adriana Lima finds a new place to radiate her Brazilian heat

Despite her homeland's steady decline into chaos and political strife 100 days before the Olympics it's presumably still hosting, Adriana Lima continues to get better and better as time rolls on. I was sad to see her wind down much of her modelling duties with Victoria's Secret recently. I'm not sure if she's completely off their roster of supermodels or just relegated to special teams....
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A battalion of Victoria's Secret Angels storm the pages of Vogue Spain

Hallelujah! I've waited my entire life for tangible proof of the divine and now I have it. When a legion of Angels set foot on our shores, even skeptics like myself have to acknowledge their existence. The good book didn't get it all right, though. These ethereal beings didn't come bearing God's message; nay, they came bearing eyefulls of perky tits and tight, naked ass. I...
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Karlie Kloss enjoys a cool drink after keeping that model figure in fine form

I have a bit more respect for Karlie Kloss than some of the other supermodels of her generation, partly because she's been open about dialing back on her modeling in order to attend college and obtain a degree. There's so much focus on those in the spotlight not needing to go to school because they already earn a lot of money for staring blankly into a camera but with Kloss, you can tell...
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Elsa Hosk topless in bikinis really gets our spring sprung

I guess I have to go ahead and pull the trigger on making Elsa Hosk my new favorite Victoria's Secret model. For the longest time it's been Candice Swanepoel who enjoyed that honor, but I have to admit that her recent catalog spreads just haven't been as inspiring as Elsa's. Not that I don't still love Candice. Victoria just rotates them in and out. Before Candice it...
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Sara Sampaio and Elle UK have no problem with showing skin

Sara Sampaio is a model most widely known for her status as one of Victoria's Secret's fresh, new Angels. She's also the first Portuguese supermodel to appear in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, added to that: she won rookie of the year. In the current issue of Elle UK, she's showing off  (in plain view) her bite-sized boobs. I for one have little to no...
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Adriana Lima looks like a living Nagel girl while in NY for a photoshoot

I'm fascinated by the evolution of art, not so much because I have any desire to go back to college and take another torturous art history class but more so because art seems to fall so in and out of fashion without people realizing it. Back in the '80's, an artist named Patrick Nagel garnered a lot of fame for creating pieces based off photographs that he stripped down to simplistic, flat...
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Elsa Hosk is helping keep Victoria's Secret catalogs spankable

I'm not sure what's going on with Victoria's Secret pics lately. They've had a long tradition of presenting world class hotties in the most provocative of ways, but lately they've not been as provocative as years past. I'd hate to think such a reliable source of barely dressed supermodels would succumb to the disturbing spread of diluted sexual displays. About the only...
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