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We caught Daniela Lopez Osorio doing some off duty bikini-wearing

Normally when you see a hottie like Colombian hottie Daniela Lopez Osorio around here, it's because she has a new spread as a bikini model or some other thing of that sort. This set of pics showing Daniela doing her usual thing off the the clock might not be as well polished, but they are in some ways more impressive than the others. Now, I wont name any names, but I have seen a few...
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Gwyneth Paltrow shows some pink (bikini) in Hawaii

Like the rest of the planet except for myself apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow was somewhere warm and beautiful in Hawaii during the holidays, wearing her pink bikini and wading into warm tropical waters. That's basically everywhere in Hawaii, right? It's a chain of islands, so you're never that far from a beach there. One could conceivably patronize some dingy Hawaiian liquor store to buy some...
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