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Danai Gurira knocks off heads in a different way for Bello magazine

I promise I won't get into a whole spoiler debate over the death of [redacted] on "The Walking Dead" from this past weekend's mid-season finale episode. I'm surprised that character lasted as long as they did, honestly. But with fans tuning in to make sure that the show wasn't killing off Daryl or Michonne, two of the biggest favorite from the series, I'm sure...

Lauren Cohan works her lively magic for Refinery29 magazine

I don't understand where all of these magazines I've never heard of come from, especially in a day and age when people are eschewing buying pulp. It seems that the majority which don't go under are heavily established periodicals with reputations that sell to the older crowd of women who grew up leafing through fashion rags. But I guess that isn't stopping Refinery29, a mag lucky enough to "The...

Lauren Cohan is the girls of Maxim girl of your dreams

Keep it up, Maxim! We have yet to see the extent of "The Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan's sexiness and you're doing a great job with these images from your October 2013 issue. Aptly enough, that's when Cohan's show will return for its fourth season, hopefully without too much fanfare. I really do not need to be getting myself into another Tweeting war with Chris Hardwick. (That's a joke,...

Battle of the Babes #252: Lauren Cohan vs Anna Torv vs Nina Dobrev

Last week's first Semi-Finals of the Battle of the Babes featuring your previous top picks from the ABC, CBS and NBC networks yielded an interesting result that I actually was not prepared for. The love for "Castle" star Stana Katic was in full effect, as well as the never-ending supply that the diehards give to "Elementary" star Lucy Liu, with those two actresses pretty much tying for...

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