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Kristen Bell's dress was a little short, wasn't it?

Whoops!  Well, what would a movie premiere be without a wardrobe malfunction, amirite? Besides it wasn't full on and it didn't last the entire event. Had that been the case, I'm afraid the scars would never heal, my lovely Kristen, but this is one of the more conservative flashes in the history of celebrity no-no's making their way to the peasant's eyes, so this is probably something you...

Jennifer Lawrence had a SAG awards wardrobe malfunction, but don't get too excited

Normally the words "wardrobe malfunction" and " Jennifer Lawrence " would spark off a firestorm of excited pervs all disseminating images of a popped out Jennifer bewb or something to that fact. Unfortunately Jen's malfunction was much more tame, as evidenced by the above anigif. I'm still not sure what the hell happened there. Suddenly something slipped down from under her dress and then...

Lady Gaga busted a seam trying to be Anne Hathaway for Vancouver concert goers

So, um, yeah... Lady Gaga kicked off her latest tour in Vancouver this week and whether it was from the pride she'd been talking about having for recently kicking a long ongoing battle with an eating disorder or one too many tropical drinks while she partied on her time off or, knowing the controversy-seeking singer, it was all an intentional plan, Gaga split the back seam of her fake...

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