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Face Off: Carla Gugino vs. Jennifer Aniston

I knew the sparks would fly from my choice of Olivia Wilde over Scarlett Johansson in our previous Face Off . Girl has multiple layers of fanboy protection against such things. In the end most of you picked Scarlett, with many citing your love for her body as your reasoning there. Really? I don't know about you, but I was kinda disappointed by the sight of her in that nude scene . She's...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino

The following is one of my favorite things to ever happen in the history of things. EVER. In fact, it's the one thing I can say Zack Snyder was behind that actually made me smile (that aught to stir some people up). WATCHMEN stars Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman were challenged by Snyder to have buckets over their heads for a charity that spreads ALS awareness, and boy, did they...

The Top Ten Hottest Graphic Novel Movie Babes

The kids are heading back to school and the summer season of movies is winding down. While the turtles might have pulled out some magic, will the mission be as easy for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR ? Without the built-in nostalgia market or the little kid angle, I'm guessing not. But that doesn't mean that the movie can't provide for excellent top ten fodder.

Lauren Cohan and Carla Gugino had a sexy breakfast at Comic-Con

Lauren Cohan and Carla Gugino were both fixtures at Fox International's Comic-Con breakfast event today, both apparently utilizing the same presentation style for their walk out onto the main stage. A couple different approaches here. You got Carla all elegantly sexy, while Lauren keeps it laid back yet equally hot. I'm not going to choose between them, so I'll just give them equal marks...

Hottie Report Card: Carla Gugino

In the comments of last week's report card,  dseal22 on Movie Fan Central recommended an actress whose radiant hotness is impossible to deny, Carla Gugino . I believe I've seen her name tossed around by you schmoes before, but she hasn't had any big movie releases since the column started. That doesn't change this week by any means, but dammit, I just felt...

Face Off: Anna Faris vs. Malin Akerman

I see the Emmy awards were held last night. I didn't see it, I was too busy watching the Dexter finale and the second to last episode of Breaking Bad. It sucks that all the good shows seem to be going off the air. The new ones coming in to replace them don't look very promising either. Call me spoiled, but if someone isn't doing something extreme in a TV show, like cooking meth or flying in...

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